ATHLETES IN ACTION | Brad & Adrienne Bartz

Athletes in Action uses the platform and the influence of sports to introduce people to Christ. AIA is a global pioneer, innovator and servant leader in sports ministry that capitalizes on society’s love of sport. Brad’s role is focused on developing leaders, lead and develop AIA staff as well as mentoring sports’ influencers, first to introduce them to Jesus and then to equip them for a life time ministry. He pioneers new ministries in countries where there are no programs for these elite athletes. Brad holds a M.S. degree and is a Certified Athletic Trainer. He uses his background in sports medicine to open doors for ministry opportunities. He is involved with global sporting events outreach in various capacities. He has been with AIA for over fifteen years. Brad’s title and responsibilities are ever changing as he trains natives to carry out the responsibilities he has carried. His goal is to literally teach and mentor himself out of a job and then takes on even greater responsibilities in a wider field.

Athletes in Action