NEW HOPE UGANDA | Jay & Vicki Dangers

Jay, Vicki and their family moved to Uganda in 1986. Their ministry was for children orphaned by the war. Their vision was to “bring the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless.” Over the years God has gradually established the ministry New Hope Uganda which cares for over 600 children. They have a multi-cultural staff of over 100. They provide food, medical care, clothing, and education plus vocational training. The one major distinction of their ministry is their emphasis on fatherhood and family. They create families for many of our children with staff as parents and we work with relatives of others to improve their family and home situations.

Currently they have several ministries happening of different sites. They have a radio station that reaches tens of thousands with local interest programming that captures their attention and enables us to bring God’s Word and relevant truths in all areas of life. 

Another means by which they are beginning to address the causes of fatherlessness is through their Musana Camps located on a beautiful thousand acre site on the shores of Lake Victoria. 

New Hope Uganda