Micronesia | Nob, Sylvia and their three children have been serving the Lord in Micronesia for over twenty four years. Nob is a second generation missionary pastor. Their goal is to bring Christ to the islands and their mission statement is, “To know Christ and to Make Him Known.”

Nob is the President/CEO of Pacific Missionary Aviation. Raised as a “missionary kid” on the island of Yap, he is responsible for the leadership of the mission along with a board of directors that is located in Guam. In addition to leading the mission, Nob is pastoring the 300 member Pacific Mission Fellowship Church on the island of Pohnpei along with a group of Micronesian elders that he works closely together with and disciples. He teaches a mid-week men’s Bible study as well as a Saturday morning Men’s prayer group. One of his many passions is music and he leads the church worship team as well as the Easter and Christmas productions of acting and singing which he also produces and directs. Nob captains the mission medical vessel: Sea Haven, traveling throughout the outer islands of Micronesia providing onboard medical, dental and optical assistance as well as the emphasis upon Biblical teaching and evangelizing.

PMA’s field office in Pohnpei allows Nob to direct the mission from the position of a “hands-on” missionary involved with every area of the mission, from church life to practical areas such as building and construction. Nob also oversees PMA’s aviation work and orphanage in the Philippines, churches in Palua/Yap/Guam/Philippines and aviation on the island of Yap.

Sylvia is a RN by profession, but serves in the mission in many other ways. She oversees PMA’s printing shop, Good News Press and the programming at “The Cross Radio” FM and SW stations, that plays quality Christian teaching as well as music 24/7. Accounting and office work for the church and the mission are her daily responsibilities. She also teaches Sunday school as well as ladies’ Bible study. She runs a bi-weekly eye clinic for refracting and prescribing glasses. Her main role is to assist Nob and that definitely keeps her busy!

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