The Boesler Family

Kevin Boesler is a big man with a big personality and an even bigger heart [to go along with the 'big' theme!]. And his big family is back at Bear Valley Church!

In January of 1994 Kevin became the first Youth Pastor of Bear Valley Church. He faithfully served and encouraged the youth at BVC until July of 2005, when he felt led to plant a church in Petaluma. He served as Pastor at the Church@Petaluma for the past five years.

During his last 3 years at BVC, the church was without a Senior Pastor and he was part of the interim preaching and leadership team. It was during those years that God grew his heart to love His whole church and not simply the youth and led him to plant the Church@Petaluma. Which leads us to 2011 and the Boesler’s (Kevin, his wife Rebecca and children Caleb, Nathan, Daniel and Anna) coming home to Tehachapi where he and his family are happy to be back and hope to be a blessing to Bear Valley Church.