Papua New Guinea | For the past six years Beth has been working in Papua New Guinea as translation advisor for four languages. This has been an exciting and exhausting job! Now that they are ready to print the book of Luke and have Acts in a rough draft, she is handing this job over to someone else. Beth’s new role will be the Scripture Use coordinator for nine languages in our Aitape West Translation Project. This new job is to help people learn how to use their newly translated Scriptures. PNG people have traditionally transmitted all information orally but not in print. A huge part of our Scripture us program will be recording the translations so that people will be able to hear the scriptures as well as read them. She also hopes to do a Luke story/ picture project. She will use the Jesus film pictures in combination with the recorded text of Luke to produce DVDs of Bible stories from Luke. She also plans to start community listening groups to discuss the scripture that they are hearing to help them see how it can apply to their daily lives.

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