Our Pastors


We are pleased to welcome home Pastor Kevin Boesler. In 2011, the Boesler family returned to Bear Valley Springs where they are happy to be back and hope to be a blessing to Bear Valley Church. contact me

Meet the Boesler Family


Brandon has been attending Bear Valley Church since 1998, his freshman year of high school.  He, his wife Abbi and three kids love life here in the valley.  He has a college Bible degree and an M.Div. from the Master’s Seminary.  He enjoys reading (especially C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and Christian classics of the past), spending time with God’s people (especially over a good meal) and walking around in nature (not too steep).  contact me


Pastor RJ is very excited to bring his family back home to Bear Valley. RJ returned home with a beautiful wife, Sabrina, and three precious children, Ethan, Wyatt and Noelle. RJ attended Bear Valley Church from childhood through High School after which he went on to study at college. He received his B.A. in Biblical Exposition from The Master’s University in 2006 and was called to Gilbert Arizona where he served as the Youth Pastor for many years until being called back to Bear Valley Church in 2017. RJ has a passion for God’s Word and to see young people come to an understanding of who God is. contact me


Zack has been a part of Bear Valley Church since 2013, when God called him to move up to Techachapi and to serve in the music ministry. It is here, while serving in the youth ministry together, he met his wife. They got married in 2014 and have 3 children. Zack loves to serve here with the praise teams, the youth ministry, and the choir. contact me

 caleb web

Caleb has been at Bear Valley Church since he was born in 1997 and has recently graduated from the Master's University. He recently got married to his wife, Cassie in September. Caleb loves to spend time with the younger people and has a passion for explaining the Scripture in a clear and understandable way. contact me